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Swami Vivekanand Junior College

The college is attached to High school & it’s affiliated to state Board. It provides education in Arts, Science & Commerce. The college also offers Bifocal courses like Electronics & Computer Science. The college has well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers,
Electronics & IT Laboratories and has good sports facilities. It is considered as one of the best Jr. Colleges of Mumbai due to its High academic standards and discipline. The college has churned out 100’s of meritorious students and they are well placed all over the world.


1962 : Started with 262 students in Sindhi Society
1964 : Started Primary Section in English Medium
1968 : Started Secondary Section in English Medium
1975 : Started Junior College – Arts, Science & Commerce
1980 : Started Bifocal Courses – Electronics, Computer Science & Electrical Maintenance
1984 : Started D. B.C. Primary & Secondary Section at Collector’s Colony
1996 : Started Marathi Medium at Thakkar Bappa Colony


Dadi’s Message:- KG TO PG WE ARE ONE
Vivekanand Education Society founded by Late Shri Hashuji Advani in 1962 started a small school in Chembur to impart good education for the people of Chembur, the medium of instruction being Sindhi & Hindi.
Holding a graduate degree in hand, joined Vivekananda Education Society, formerly known as Parmanand High School, in 1964 to teach Geography & English in the Sindhi medium of VES. These classes were held in the same building where we are today. This building was a little half than what it stands today. By erecting wooden partitions classrooms were made to accommodate the children and a small space was used for administrative purpose. The school was then headed by Shri Thadani.
With the growth of Hindi medium & Sindhi medium the classrooms were not sufficient to accommodate the growing population of Chembur. My first meeting with Shri Hashuji was a memorable one. His simplicity, personality, his way of working impressed me to the chore. He called me and said, “You are no doubt a teacher, but you need to go beyond this and extend some time for social service. You need to serve the society and think of the general welfare of the people of in and around Chembur. This school needs to be developed in all aspects, and I am confident that you would be able to shape this school and transform it into one of the best schools”. All said and done somewhere deep down my heart I had a feeling of insecurity, since no appointment letter was given to me. Hashuji rightly judged my feelings and said “you are already a teacher here what else do you need.”
The confidence shown by Shri Hashuji in my capabilities made me strive towards achievement of his goals. Hashuji was selflessly striving for the progress of the Sindhi & Hindu community. He believed that for the development of our society, one should personally work in that direction without any selfish interest. Serving the people of Chembur in all respect was his dream. Hashuji felt that there was no good English medium school in Chembur and so in 1964 he moved a step further by starting the English medium Kindergarten school for children below 4years .Hashuji handed over the responsibility of this section to me and said that “This is your baby and you have to bring it up. It should be one of the best English medium school and should be able to compete with any of the convent schools of Bombay”. And today I feel proud that all our efforts have paid off and we have earned rich dividends.
The thirst for knowledge and Hashuji’s desire of me doing MA made me pursue higher studies, thus completed my Diploma in Education, and MA without neglecting the school. Hashuji was strictly against my taking leave even during the post-graduation exams. His motivation worked like wonders throughout my studies.
Hashuji had a lot of respect for the teaching fraternity, as he strongly believed that they were the architects of the nations. He respected all his teachers as family members and often invited them for lunch or a cup of tea. He always fought for and supported the teachers for their rights. In 1965 when Bombay had been facing Blackouts, I had seen Hashuji waiting at the bus stops late in the evenings to check if the buses were on time, or if people were put to any inconvenience and so on. Serving the people at large was his ultimate dream.
People very often used to wonder as to how Hashuji would be collecting funds for managing the school. Instead he could somehow manage to get sufficient money to pay the salaries to the staff on the 1st of each month. Such concern and sincerity shown by Hashuji towards his teachers, made people attract towards him. He won the hearts of all the Chemburities. I consider myself to be the most fortunate one for getting an opportunity to work with him so closely. His simplicity, work culture, his feelings for the community at large, his humbleness made me his ardent follower. No words can ever describe a person of this personality than experience and feel the same.
Today at the age of 87, I continue to follow his footsteps by adopting his work style and administrative skills. No amount of criticism has ever disturbed me till date, as I owe all my credit to this towering personality Shri Hashuji Advani. He has been a great source of inspiration to me and I am truly indebted to him.
It’s more than a decade that Hashuji left this physical &materialistic world, but still I can sense Hashuji standing beside me as a guiding star, lending his support from time to time and answering and showing me the right path in times of danger. At the same time there is a fear looming at large. Fear that the present generation working with VES who have not seen Hashuji and who are unaware of his way of working, will they be in a position to imbibe the values laid down by Hashuji?? I only pray that the present staff also try to continue to work in the same spirit and incorporate all the values and traditions laid down by our founder so as to maintain the reputation of the VES. Shri Keswaniji, Shri Boolaniji, Shri Asraniji, are still striving to keep up the standards of our institution. I only know that this school is my BABY which Hashuji had entrusted to me. I shall work in the same spirit till my last breath to ensure that the reputation of my institution is not at stake.

The concept of KG to PG which seemed to be next to impossible in 1962 for VES is now a ground reality, and has achieved international standards. Each one of us should be aware of the fact that though KG to PG are in different wings of VES , still the architect of this institution is one , and our loving soul resides in each of this wing. Without this feeling of oneness, VES cannot and will not be able to withstand alone.


Ex-Principal& Exec. Sec. VES