At Swami Vivekanand High School, we believe in motivating students to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and apply their learning to real-world.

By actively involving students in the classroom, SVHS encourages them to be curious and build their self confidence . The academicians push the students to not only be creative but also critical thinkers. 

The syllabus is thoroughly built and  developed by faculty with an aim to enhance students’ academic skills, deliver accurate content, and push students to cope with the meaning of the subjects. We challenge students but we also help them succeed.

SVHS envisions the all-round development of students in harmony with the comprehensive approach to education and therefore, highlights incorporation of co-curricular activities with curricular ones. The curriculum promotes individualized learning and strives to explore the potential of students. With a refined academic direction students evolve into wise young adults with a sense of real self-confidence.


Subjects   (Maharashtra Sate Board) SSC
(From 5 to 7)
1.English   1st Language  (5 to 7)
2.Marathi 2nd Language (5 to 7)
7.Compsit Hind ,French,Sindhi and Sankrit as a Optional Subject From 8 to 10 std.
8.EVS 1 and 2 for 5 th Standard
9.Water Security
10.Guiding /Scounting