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Piya Mukherjee

Are successful people happy?” “What makes for a productive young citizen?” “How do we balance between mental-emotional satisfaction and worldly achievements?” These are some of the contemporary questions of the educated, urban youth.Read More

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VESLARC conducted a workshop for the girl students of the 7th and 8th standards of Vivekanand English High School, Shiv Srishti, Kurla, on the theme of identity and goal planning. The workshop covered various facets of the self and one's uniqueness, of the need for goal planning, of the wisdom in mapping one's progress as per one's own potential, and also, the components of assertive body language. The students were extremely enthusiastic and participative, sharing their personal goals and opinions, freely speaking up on the mike and 3 of them spontaneously volunteered to give the vote of thanks.

Project Swamaan

Project Swamaan - gender sensitization workshops for students of Swami Vivekanand High School

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