Welcome to Vivek Sindhi Kendra

Vivek Sindhi Kendra, established in the early 1990s within the Vivekanand Education Society, is a certified institution recognized by the National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language. Our mission is to provide a dedicated platform for learning the Sindhi language and offering certification to Sindhi students. Located at the VES DBC school in Collectors Colony, Mumbai, Vivek Sindhi Kendra is committed to preserving and promoting Sindhi culture and heritage.

Our Courses

We offer three distinct courses to cater to various levels of proficiency:

  1. Certificate Course: This program covers fundamental aspects of the Sindhi language and heritage.
  2. Diploma Course: For those looking to delve deeper, this course includes advanced topics like essay writing, biographies, and Sindhi literature.
  3. Advanced Course: Offering a comprehensive understanding of Sindhi history, culture, and more.

Each course comprises a total of 100 hours of classes. To get started, a registration fee of just Rs. 50 is required. While these courses are mandatory for VES Institute students, we also welcome students from across Mumbai, including Ulhasnagar, Mulund, and Thane.

Library Resources

Explore our vast collection of approximately 17,000-18,000 books, all available for the benefit of our registered students. Dive into the rich literary world of Sindhi culture.

Events and Celebrations

Throughout the year, Vivek Sindhi Kendra hosts a variety of activities and festive celebrations. Join us for Hemu Kalani Diwas, International Mother Tongue Day, Diwali Mela, and more. We take pride in promoting the essence of Sindhi culture through these events.

Summer Camp

Every year, we organize an exciting summer camp for children aged 5-15. Our camp offers a blend of fun activities, songs, and educational opportunities. Located at the VES DBC Collectors Colony Campus, this 10-day camp is an enriching experience and concludes with a certificate of participation. The cost for this camp is Rs. 150.

Vivek Sindhi Kendra is your gateway to discovering the beauty of the Sindhi language and culture. Join us in this enriching journey, where education and celebration go hand in hand.

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Once the form is downloaded & filled, students must submit at Vivek Sindhi Kendra, VES DBC School, Collectors Colony.

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Phone No.: +91 7498665168