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Vivekanand Education Society’s Vivekanand Sports academy (VSA) strongly desires an all round development of its students and wishes to provide Value Based Education that is well balanced in terms of academics and opportunities to excel in extra curricular activities. Accordingly we have established an Academy of Sports under the concept of “ A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”, we have 650 school students enrolled with academy who are participating in various sports activities offered such as cricket, football, basketball, gymnasium, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Atheletics, Skating, Karate and Adventure sports.


The documents below provide the schedule about various courses offered by the VSA at 3 different centres


Summer Camp

In the month of April & May Summer camps for Students in Swami Vivekanand High School & Jr. College of Sindhi Society, Collector’s Colony and Nehru Nagar-Kurla from Monday to Saturday.
Approximately 750 students participates in the Summer Camp.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Monsoon Trek

It is conducted in the month os July,wherein the students enjoy the picturesque beauty and explore various terrains.

Monsoon Trek

Monsoon Trek


In the month of February ,Hashu Advani Interschool tournament is organized which comprises the games of Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Skating, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket and Football.Around 1000 students had participated in individual games.Winners and Runners up in the individual games were awarded with Trophy and Certificates.

Scout/Guide Camp

Scout & Guide Camp is arranged by us for the students of 8th to 10th grade,at Sajjangad, Mahabaleshwar, Silvassa, Satputra, Igatpuri and other such picturesque locations.Approxmately 1000 students have joined in this activity.

Contact Us

Telephone Number:-022-25275266

Mobile Number- 9820263599, 9768327745, 8108080909

Email Id:-vsportsac@gmail.com



Vivekini is the cultural wing of Vivekanand Education Society which has been established to develop the cultural skills of youth and young children. Vivekini has two wings, of which one wing organizes cultural programmes which develops the feelings of patriotism, secularism, tolerance and co-operation so that the youth and young children may develop the attitude to help and work for the society and the nation at large.

To fulfill this aim of love for the country and nation, Vivekini conducts two major events every year :-


vivekiniJAGRUTI is awakening among the youth and young children by showing their love and respect towards the nation. This event is held on the auspicious day of 15th August, our Independence Day at Swami Vivekanand High School Auditorium from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. which organizes competition of group national songs presented by different schools of the area and various institutions of VES. The Judges of the competition were Smt. Sushmita Banerjee, Shri. Subhash Nagrekar.

EVENT : – Chaitanya

Chaitanya is developing the spiritual and devotional aspect among youth and young children in their personality . Competitons are held from the age group of 4 years to adults to sing Bhajans
(devotional Songs ), Sufi Bhajans of Classical and Sugam nature by the children. The final presentation is given by the winners on 12 th January the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand.

Both these Events were organized with a great success.

The other wing of Vivekini conducts teaching and learning programmes under the name of Sanskritik Niketan . Sanskritik Niketan is affiliated to Prayag Sangit Samiti Allahabad which is the examining body for Dance and Music Exams. The students get their Degree and Diploma in music and dance after passing their exams. This year 42 students appeared for the exams.

Music classes are also conducted in this wing, which develops the love for music among children. Finally vivekini has given an opportunity to the students to show their talent and excellence in the extra curricular activities.

Catering Craft Center

small_CATERING_CRAFT_0 V.E.S. Catering craft centre has been conducting certificate course in bakery ,confectionary ,cookery since 3 years.Catering craft centre has been one of the pioneers in conducting these courses in training students and guiding them towards building a successful career in field of catering.


Students are sent for vacation industrial training to various organizations like 5 star hotels,flights ,kitchens, industrial canteen and bakeries.


In the past 30 years ,Students have been able to pursue successful careers in various organizations. It has been a constant effort by the staff that successful students are employed or assisitance is given to them to turn into small time entrepreneurs. We have an independent Placement cell to assist for placement.

Courses offered

The courses offered are recognized by the Maharashtra State Board of Vocational examination ,Mumbai

  • Certificate Course in Cookery (one year)
  • Certifiacte Course in Bakery and Confectionary (one year)

Minimum Qualifiacation

SSC or equivalent from recognized state board



Rs.20,340- (For students currently studying in VES)


The admission process is on first cum first serve basis

  • Candidates may apply by submitting the duly completed admission form
  • Alongside the fees
  • attested copies of SSC marksheets
  • attested copies of leaving certificates


  • Documents to support one’s caste
  • Marriage certificate (for married women to support their name )
  • Four Passport size photographs(4.3cm x 3.5 cms)
  • Fees should be paid in Cash/D.D./Cheque in favour of Catering Craft Centre
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded
  • Migration certificate will be required (if the candidate is not from Maharashtra)

The V.E.S Hostel was donated by :-

  • Shri Harkishu Bhojraj Chanrai
  • Smt Bhagwani Bhojraj Chanrai
  • Smt Madhu Bhojraj Chanrai

It is named after their father ,Devkibai Bhojraj Chanrai

It was Inaugurated by Shri L.K.Advani (Former deputy Prime Minister of India) On 2nd February 2007

Hostel Committees

The Hostel Committee members are:-

Hostel Committee

  • 1.Mrs.Shobha Wadhwa
  • 2.Ms.Sangeeta Shahni
  • 3.Mr.Vishu Lala
  • 4.Mr.Sunil Madnani

Hostel Warden

  • 1.Sunil Madnani
  • 2.Mrs.Kajal Madnani

Mess Committee

Student Mess Committee for 2013-2014 (w.e.f 17th December,2013)

Name College Contact
Mr. Amit Deshpande MMS- II 9762789955
Mr. Manish Ahuja Third Year Engg 8087909932
Mr. Harsh Takrani Second Year Engg
Ms. Shreya Sherugar Second Year Engg 8956275190
Ms. Roshni Lohya First Year Engg 8793532606
Ms. Kshipra Gokhlae Second Year Engg 8879140938
Ms. Harsha Second Year Engg 8446849215
Ms. Sonali Second Year Engg 8928322622


The Hostel complex comprises of the following infrastructural facilities

  1. Recreation Room with LED TV
  2. Dining Hall
  3. Sports Room
  4. Mess
  5. Boys Hostel – 80 Rooms (2 seater, 3 seater & 4 seater)
  6. Girls – 53 Rooms (2 seater, 3 seater & 4 seater)
  7. Staff Quarters -19 Rooms

Medical Facilities

  1. Doctors:
    1. Mr.Mukesh Bathija
    2. Dr.Rekha Khatri
  2. Nearby Hospital
    1. INLAKS Hospital

General Facilities

The other facilitiies provided for the convenience of the residents are:-

  • Elevators
  • Water-cooler
  • Aqua-guards
  • Pest control
  • Storage water cleaning
  • Electrician and plumber
  • House keeping- 9 maids


The sports activities carried out in the hostel are:-

  1. Indoor Games
    • Table Tennis
    • Carrom
    • Chess
  2. Outdoor Games
    • Volley Ball
    • Badminton


Contact Us

Mr.Sunil Madnani

Contact No.- 98205 69938

Address:- 201,Staff Quarters, VES Hostel ,Collector’s Colony, Chembur, Mumbai-400 074

Email Id-

Vivek Sindhi Kendra

Introduction:-Vivek Sindhi Kendra is one of the institutes of VES which maintains a Sindhi library and research centre ,comprising of over 17000 Sindhi books .The library consists of all genres namesly fables,fiction,biographies,mythological ,informative ,cultural which not only helps keep one updated but also aides in keeping one culturally connected to their traditional roots.

In addition to the books ,video and audio informative media is also available which caters to the needs of Sindhi writers, researchers and students who are preparing for higher studies.

In order to generate a sense of belonging for their culture ,various activities such as summer camps and folk activities in the summer vacations ,giving the students a much needed respite from studies


  • Mr.N.K.Kriplani
  • Mr.R.A.Bhagia
  • Mrs.Nisha Khitani

Vivek Sindhi Kendra

Welfare Section

About the Scheme

A good number of students come from poor and lower class families, who are not only unable to pay their school fees, but also cannot pay for the other necessities like books, uniforms, shoes etc. This gives them an inferiority complex and their personalities do not flower sufficiently. In order to help such students, we have started a scheme known as “ADOPTION SCHEME” under WELFARE SECTION. We solicit help from sympathetic friends to contribute according to their capacity and distribute this money for education purpose only amongst the deserving and needy students.

Since 1979, approximately 17,996 students have benefited under this scheme through about 930 donors.

Welfare section Incharge

1. Mrs. Mira Keswani

  • MA in English Literature
  • Working with Vivekanand Education Society since 1979
  • Handling adoption Scheme and later Welfare Section.
  • Also In-charge of V.E.S. Creche & Day Care Centre, Narishalla & Vivekini.

Some of the Our Esteemed Donors:-

  • Indian Women Charitable Association (IWCA) from Spain
  • Jadabpur University Alumni Association (Mumbai Branch) Trust
  • Dr. B. K. Gaur
  • Mrs. Shakun Prasad
  • Monica Harjani & Group from Spain
  • Khushalani Foundation- Mr. Ram Moorjani
  • India Value Fund

Principal Desk

My works covers a variety of areas:-

  1. Counseling problem children’s and parents.
  2. Aptitude Testing done by our counselors.
  3. Remedial Teaching – to help the learning disabilities children’s
  4. Acquainting the parents regarding the facilities and concession available for learning disabilities children’s

We conduct Career Counseling, child counseling, remedial teaching, and personal counseling. We organize lectures by eminent speakers in the fields like medicine, engineering, food technology, animation, event management etc. We organize field trips for swami Vivekanand school students.


There is a listing of various psychological tests and related items available with or through manasayan. This list is prepared to keep the size within manageable limits And to give you an idea of the wide variety of inventory we possess or can order for you, and which would offer you a wide choice of instruments for your needs. Almost all the tests here are our proprietory items i.e. either published here or abroad, or distributed here by us for their respective foreign publishers. All tests usually contain several components, and are available in complete sets, or as loose supply of individual components. And one of the test published by manasayan is Differential Aptitude test.

Aptitude testing was considered a comprehensive term for assessment of abilities which would be developed with appropriate tanning. several aptitude test were developed for specific skills. it was felt that a battery of tests given a set of relative scores about the same individual on different abilities and thus providing a more complete picture of him, could be more useful for occupational and educational guidance than an aptitude test to measure a specific skill.

The Differential Aptitude tests were developed to provide an integrated, well standardized procedure for measuring the abilities of boys and girls in junior and senior high school. since it was clear that no practical test battery would encompass meaure of all aptitude, an attempt was made to include teste , which would be useful in many areas and would yield scores which were directly interpretable by informed counselors, and would yield score which were directly interpretable by informed counselors . inherent in this conception was the conviction that the test must prove themselves in actual use to be effective predictors of how well students perform.

The differential Aptitude tests were prepared bY Bennet ,Seashore and Vernon and were published by the psychological corporation first in 1947. the battery of tests was carefully constructed and impressively standardized.


  1. Mrs Kiran Dhal (Head Of Department)
  2. Ms. Rita Nivlan Jacinto (Counselling Psycologist)
  3. Ms. Deepa Prabhu (counseling Psychologist)
  4. Prakash Varak. (Peon)