Women Development Cell

About the Committee

WDC of Vivekanand Education Society’s College of Arts, Science &Commerce stands for women empowerment. The aim of the committee is to promote general wellbeing of female students, teaching and non teaching staff of the institution.WDC aims at Prevention of sexual harassment at work place,  gender sensitization and building a gender sensitive campus.

Objectives of the Committee 
  • To conduct awareness programmes on gender sensitization, women rights and women empowerment
  • To build a gender sensitive and inclusive campus 
  • Organize awareness programmes  to Prevent Sexual harassment in the campus 
  • Address issues of gender discrimination
  • Generation of legal awareness among women, thus equipping them with the knowledge of their legal rights and with a capacity to use these rights.
  • Programmes to enhance mental and physical health of youth 
  • Coordinate programmes for awareness and action on women’s issues
List of Activities
  1. Talks on legal awareness  
  2. Programmes on Women rights organized by Majlis – Expression .
  3. Workshops on Gender Sensitivity
  4.  Programmes on Awareness & Management of Women’s health issues 
  5. Talk on prevention of sexual harassment in HEI
  6. Awareness programme – “Cyber Sakhi” with responsible netism team to educate girl  students about Responsible Online Behaviour

Committee Members:-

  1. Dr. Radhika Mohan (Convener)
  2. Mrs. Ekta Singh (Co-Convener)
  3. Mr. Suman Ganger
  4. Dr. Heena Ganatra
  5. Mrs. Shmilona Jain
  6. Mrs. Nisha Karamchandani
  7. Ms. Kiran Ghosh
  8. Ms. Snehal Obhan
  9. Dr. Urmila Sonawane
  10. Ms. Mayuri
  11. Ms.Vidhya Darvesh
  12. Mrs. Ratika Bhatia

2 Student Ladies representatives to be nominated by the Committee:

1 – P.G. and 1 – U.G.


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