• Internal Quality Assurance Cell, of Vivekanand Education Society’s college of Arts, Science and Commerce, was constituted in the month of July 2004, in accordance with the guidelines provided by the NAAC and the set up of the institution.

The primary aim of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution


  • To Propose, promote, initiate and support quality measures in order to bring about improvement in the overall performance of the institution.
  • To prepare Annual Quality Assurance Report.

There are many initiatives taken by IQAC at various levels. The process of re-accreditation was a learning in itself which constantly brought forth several areas as priority for Quality Enhancement. Measures were adopted to address all areas where there is scope for improvement and innovation as well. The policy decisions were taken and the activities were planned to enhance a human resource, capacity building of individuals, Social Awareness, innovative, creative and entrepreneurial skills, personal and ethical values and use of technology for betterment of overall education at large and to rise towards achieving global standards.

During IQAC meetings several quality enhancement and quality assurance measures evolved through brain storming sessions to achieve desired outcomes. These new thoughts and ideas were implemented, reviewed and modified to get the best desired output. The conduct of the Academic Audit, a quality enhancement initiative, is one such example where the entire framework for department evaluation evolved and has been institutionalized as an innovative best practice of the college.

In view of the objectives of the cell , the members were drawn from every important section of the institution as  follows:

  • Chairperson : Prin. Dr. Anita Kanwar
    1. Vice Prin. Dr. Santhini Nair (NAAC Coordinator)
    2. Mrs. Samhitha Sharma Kain (IQAC Coordinator)
    3. Dr. Ritika Makhijani (Criteria III)
    4. Dr. Pooja Jagasia (Criteria II)
    5. Dr. Sunita Sherifani (Criteria VI)
    6. Dr. Malay Shah (Criteria IV)
    7. Dr. Varsha Ganatra (Criteria I)
    8. Dr. Madhavi Vaidya (Criteria V)
    9. Dr. Devidas Gulwade (Criteria VII)
    10. Dr. Meghana Sanjeeva
    11. Mr. Suman Ganger
    12. Mrs. Vinaya Jategaonkar
    13. Mrs. Sangeeta Bhattacharya
    14. Mrs. Anusuya Yadav
    15. Mrs. Poonam Ghadge (Office Superintendent – Aided)
    16. Mr. Balasubramanian (Office Superintendent – SFC)
    17. Mr. Sanjay Lunge (Deputy Registrar)

Following are some of the initiative of IQAC over last five years:



Ms. Samhitha Sharma
Co-ordinator, IQAC
V.E.S. College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Mumbai
Tel: 91 22 5227470

Best Practices

NAAC 3rd Cycle Re-accreditation Report (SSR)