The Department of Chemistry is a proud recipient of the DST-FIST (Department of Science and Technology Funding for Improvement of Science and Technology Infrastructure) grant and Department of Biotechnology (DBT) – STAR College grant from A.Y. 2016-17

Chemistry is an incredibly fascinating field of study. It plays an important role in everyone’s life and touches almost every aspect of our existence in some way. Apart from being an integral part in meeting the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, it plays important role in health, energy, environmental issues

    • The Chemistry department offers the following courses: B.Sc. Chemistry, MSc Chemistry (Organic and Analytical), MSc By Research, Ph.D. Chemistry.
    • We encourage our students to take part in various competitive examinations including SET, CSIR NET and IIT-JAM examinations etc. Our best practice is the conduct of a special coaching lecture series for students who are appearing for the Chemistry Aptitude test.


Dr. Ritika Makhijani

  • Area of Interest: Physical Chemistry

Research Interest:
Synthesis of  transition metals complexes and their analytical application

Recognition/ Achievements/ Activities :

  1. Recognized teacher for M.Sc. by papers in Chemistry.
  2. Recognized as a teacher of the University for the Ph.D. (Science) degree in Chemistry
  3. Completed Minor Research Project (Mumbai University) 

Dr. Pooja Jagasia

Area of Interest: Organic Chemistry

  • Research Interest:
    Spectrophotometric determination of cations and anions in synthetic mixtures and real samples like vegetables, Medicinal plant extracts, Pharmaceuticals. Standardization of Herbal formulations.  Phytochemical screening and comparative antioxidant activity in Herbal formulations and Medicinals plants.
  • Membership of professional bodies:
  1. Life member of International Society of Science and Technology since October 2010.
  2. Admitted as a Member of The Royal Society of Chemistry, MRSC (Dt-17,Oct 2014)
  • Recognition/ Achievements/ Activities :
  1. Awarded Ph. D in chemistry, Titled “Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination Of Ni(II),Co(II) and Pb(II) and their sequential separation by using α-oximino acetoacetanilide benzoylhydrazone” ; from Institute of Science, Mumbai.(2004)
  2. Received “B.C.Haldar Memorial Award” for research in Chemistry (2001).
  3. Recognized as a teacher of the University for the Ph.D.(Science) degree in Chemistry with effect from 2nd May,2013(No.PG/2/ICD/2013-14/46376) and transferred of continuation on 6th April ,2017(No.PG/ICD/2017-18/95)
  4. Co-authored a laboratory handbook for Drugs and Dyes for undergraduate students in collaboration with the International Society of Science and Technology.
  5. Research projects include one minor research project titled “Spectrophotometric determination of metavanadate using Tannic acid as a reagent “for the period of one year, (2011)funded by University of Mumbai.
  6. Another minor research project, titled” The Spectrophotometric determination of Tannins,Vitamin C and Anion in herbal formulations ,Synthetic mixers and real samples” for the period of two years ,funded by University Grant Commission(2013-2015)
  7. One M.Sc by Research student has been awarded M.Sc by Research degree under my guidance.(2015)

Dr. Dinesh  Navale

    • Designation: Assistant Professor
    • Qualification: M.Sc./NET, Ph.D(Organic Chemistry) 
    • E-mail:

    Area of Interest: Organic Chemistry

  • Research Interest:
    Synthesis of Liquid Crystals (including low temperature liquid crystalline materials), Metallomesogens, Material Science, Organic Synthesis, New Synthetic Methods, Multistep Organic Synthesis, Multi component reactions, Green Chemistry
  • Membership of professional bodies:
  1. Life member of Indian Liquid Crystal Society (L 459)
  2. Life member of Association of Chemistry Teachers (ACT) (LM 1646)
  3. Life member of Marathi Vidnyan Parishad
  4. Member of Indian Science Congress (SLM 297)
  5. Life Member Society for Materials Chemistry (LM 902)
  6. Senior Member Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society (APCBEES)(Member No 101173)
  7. IUPAC sponsored member 2015
  • Recognition/ Achievements/ Activities :
  1. Recognized PG teacher for M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) by papers and M.Sc.(By Research).
  2. Recognized as a teacher of the University for the Ph.D. (Science) degree in Chemistry
  3. Completed Mumbai University Minor Research Project (2015)

Dr Prasanna Ranade

Area of Interest: Organic Chemistry

  • Research Interest:
    Drug Discovery, Organic Synthesis, Catalysis. Study of Drug-DNA Interaction using Spectroscopic Techniques. Study of Drug-Protein Interaction using Spectroscopic Techniques
  • Recognition/ Achievements/ Activities :
  • He was a Recipient of Basic Scientific Research (BSR) Fellowship (01 May 2012 to 06 November 2016) from University Grant Commission New Delhi, INDIA.

 Post Graduate Section

  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Qualification: MSc. B.Ed., CSIR-NET (Dec 2019, Nov 2020),MAH-SET (Dec 2020), GATE (2021, 2022)
  • E-mail:
  • Area of Interest: Chemistry
  •  Research Interest: Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
  • Designation: Lecturer
  • Qualification: B.Sc, M.Sc, NET
  • E-mail:
  • Area of Interest: Chemistry
  • Research Interest: Measurements of binary mixtures, Deep eutectic solvent like Reline, Ethaline, Glyceline
  • Recognition/ Achievements/ Activities: Qualified CSIR – NET Lectureship All India Rank 51
  • Chemistry Association In-charges: –
    • Dr. Ritika Makhijani
    • Dr. Prasanna Ranade
  • Salient Features: –

    1. Conduct of co-curricular activities by the association

    2. Encourage students to participate in inter-collegiate activities

    3. Active research since 2006

    4. Post graduate course in organic & analytical chemistry

    5. MSc (By Research) inorganic & analytical chemistry

    6. PhD course since 2009

    7. Placements

    8. Book Bank Facility

    9. Lecture series for chemistry aptitude test aspirants

    10. “Chem-Talentia” an intercollegiate activity

    11. Organizes Educational and Industrial Visits


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