Additional Credit Programme


Distribution of traits in the human population is bell shaped. Intelligence is proved to be normally distributed and we at the college have observed that so is the ability and motivation to work hard. Most students in every stream focus on learning the contents of the syllabus well, and then there are those who want more stimulation, they look for higher challenges. Our college runs a program every year for such students who are looking for more than what the syllabus has to offer. This program is called “Additional Credit Program”.
In the year 2007 Additional Credit Program (ACP) was launched for advanced learners of our college with the strong conviction that the aim of education should be to teach our students how to think, rather than what to think. The aspiration of the ACP team is to allow the willing students to go beyond prescribed syllabus in their subject of interest and EXPLORE. This we hope would inculcate a culture of research and scholastic pursuit amongst some of our students.

The mission of the program is to provide an educational experience, to diverse group of high achieving students, which will nurture growth of whole student academically, socially emotionally and intellectually.


  1. The program aims to broaden and deepen the scope of University prescribed syllabus
  2. Additional knowledge and skills in their fields of interest gained by putting in extra hours in addition to regular curriculum.
  3. The entire program would contribute to students overall development by participating in self-enhancement sessions and study of legal rights etc.
  4. The program also allows the student to cross the borders of different disciplines to earn credits.
  5. An under graduate student opts for this program at his/her first year .The program is spread over three terms as explained in the structure.
  6. On the completion of the program the student will be awarded a certificate by the college. Student opting for the course will be charged additional fees

Structure of the Program
Three components to be covered over three academic terms as follows:

Component ONE
Interdisciplinary Training : 50 HRS IN THE SECOND TERM OF FIRST YEAR
This module will have :

  • Compulsory Components : (26 hours)
    Self enhancement, goal setting sessions, Law, Community Health, E-Communication
  • Three 8 – hour Electives to be chosen from an array of interdisciplinary topics. (24 hours)

Find here detailed syllabi of module 1
OBJECTIVE: To acquaint students with life skills by familiarizing them with an array of subject areas that will enrich their academic and personal lives.

Component TWO
Research component : 45 HRS( minimum) OVER SECOND YEAR
This module will see students involved in individual research projects under teacher mentors. The broad idea of “research” here encompasses the following

  • Case study
  • Survey
  • Website designing
  • Meta analysis
  • Algorithm application
  • Designing experiments
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Application of mathematical results
  • Book Review

OBJECTIVE: To inculcate research acumen amongst students and acquaint them with the process of knowledge generation.

Component THREE
OBJECTIVE: To sensitize students towards community concerns and to orient them to shoulder their responsibilities towards society

Find here a list of research topics presented by ACP students in the past 2 years.
ACP Magazine Reports (2011-12 to 2014-15)
ACP Committee Members List

Presentations of Students who completed the modules were evaluated by a panel of teachers and the best three presentations were given cash prizes. The following were adjudged the best amongst others.

Research Poster Presentation Results 2016

Morning Session


Student Name

Research Topic


Varsha Singh

Condition Of Women In Modern India


Seema Jillella

Political Scams


Vishakha Mali

Comparative Study Of Food Habits Between People Of Rural (Alibaug) And Urban (Chembur, Mumbai) Area.

Jayesh Rithadiya

Examination Should Be Replaced By Another Form Of Assessment

Afternoon Session


Student Name

Research Topic



The Effect Of Others Judgement On An Individual’s Behaviour



Street Theatre- Voice To The Voiceless


Debangana Ghosh

Wonders Of Jane Austen

Batch of 2015

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Day 1 – 3/7/15

Harmit Jasani

Shraddha Rao

Rebecca D’souza

Day 2 – 7/7/15

Selby Yadav

Komal Pathani

Kajal Wadhwa

Batch of 2014

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize


Sushmita Sen

Asfiya Shaikh

Akshada Shetty

ACP Students adjudged as Best performers in Module 2 and 3 (AY-2020-2021)

Annual Report ‘ACP 2019-20’


Annual ACP Report 2017-18

Research Methodology Talk

Program Coordinator: Ms. Aarohi Khar