Star College Scheme is a unique programme sponsored by DBT to improve the quality of science education at undergraduate level by emphasizing enquiry based learning and nurturing the aptitude for research. Under the scheme, undergraduate students are encouraged to take special programmes in specific areas of science by giving special importance to hands-on experience of sophisticated instruments and learning advanced techniques in scientific experimentation. These special teaching-learning programmes enable the teachers to explore areas outside the prescribed syllabus and to implement novel and interesting experiments in teaching the regular Science curriculum.

The objectives of the programme are as follows

  • To strengthen the academic and physical infrastructure for achieving excellence in teaching and training.
  • To enhance the quality of the learning and teaching process to stimulate original thinking through ‘hands–on’ exposure to  experimental work and participation in summer schools.
  • To promote networking and strengthen ties  with neighboring institutions and other laboratories
  • To conduct specialized training programmes for faculty improvement for optimizing technical capabilities
  • To increase capabilities of core instrumentation resources by procuring new equipment and upgrading of existing facilities
  • To provide access and exposure to students to research laboratories and industries in the country
  • To help in devising standard curricula and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) / kits for practicals.
  • To provide better library facility to students and teachers

Our College has been the beneficiary the ‘STAR COLLEGE’ scheme from 2016 to 2019.

The Star College scheme has been granted to five  Science Departments viz Computer Science, Biotechnology, Physics, Chemistry and Biotechnology . Under this the departments have plans to introduce hands on learning by acquiring additional equipment’s for the use of students.

DBT Star College Grant helped students in correlating theory with practical applications. We conducted variety of activities depending on the subject area of the students which has broadened their outlook.


DBT-Star College:

  1. Dr. Anita Kanwar (Project Coordinator)
  2. Ms. Varsha Ahuja
  3. Dr. Devidas G
  4. Mr. Malay Shah
  5. Mr. Kamlakar B
  6. Ms. Madhavi Vaidya
  7. Ms. Vinaya Jategaonkar
  8. Ms. Shmilona Jain

Activities under DBT Star College Scheme