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VESASC launches it’s First Space Biology Course

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Department of Physics, Vivekanand Education Society’s College of Arts, Science & Commerce (Autonomous) also known as VESASC is pleased to announce the commencement of India’s first Space Biology course with hands-on training from the winter of 2022.

About the space biology course:

The 2-credit course is a brief comprehensive study of the field of space biology. The course is
developed and coordinated by Dr. Santosh Bhaskaran who is one of the pioneers of space
biology research in India. The contents of the course are as follows.

Introduction to space biology
Newton’s law of gravitation, Concept of free-fall, Levels of gravity: Micro, hypo and
hyper gravity

Tools and techniques to alter gravity
Drop tower, Parabolic flights, Sounding rockets, Space shuttles and space stations, Clinostats
and bioreactors, Water immersion techniques, Long-term bed rest, Head-down and head-up
tilt, Centrifuges

Effects of altered gravity on biological systems
Cells and microbes, Plants, Animals, Humans

Some Biophysical techniques
Spectroscopy: UV-Visible, Fluorescence, FTIR
Microscopes: Compound microscope, Electron microscope (SEM, TEM)

Some Biochemical techniques
Protein estimation, Carbohydrate content, Enzyme assays, Chromatography
Potential Applications
Agriculture, Biotechnology, Medicine

Additional leaning
Development of instruments to simulate microgravity, Observations of effects of altered
gravity on biological systems in real time

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